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In December 2022, the Tuscan restaurant Terrae opened its doors in the vaults of the listed old armored house from 1313. The architecture and design are as simple and elegant as the name.

We have created an overall design that above all manages to create a cosy, authentic atmosphere while at the same time taking a lot of consideration for the existing building.


We underline the historic role of the building with a contemporary design language. The concept created is characterized by a timeless style, carefully thought-out details, functionality and the use of natural materials. The new room design makes it possible to convey a spacious impression despite the very compact room layout. The two rooms, separated by a strong central wall, are surrounded by a bench so that they flow into each other on both sides and can be used equally. Seats also meander along the walls and in the window niches, making each seat something special.


The strong spatial separation that previously existed in the rooms was primarily created by restructuring the façade. The new main entrance is now on the western side of the restaurant and daylight enters the interior through three large, horizontally divided sliding windows and optically enlarges it. On the front of the two rooms is the open kitchen, which arches into the room in a semicircle with its counter. The drinks bar is installed in the second vaulted room.

Harmony is created through the use of few but authentic materials - lime, concrete and wood. The walls are roughly plastered with lime, a limed oak floor, dark stained ash is used for all furniture. The warm wooden surfaces are combined with emerald green textile for the benches. The counters are plastered with concrete ciré. A long sideboard stretches across the window front and houses various functions. A sophisticated lighting concept with black fluorescent tubes spreads warm, atmospheric light and ensures the individual comfort of each guest. The rooms create a natural atmosphere in which the guest can enjoy his food in peace.