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Liquid Skin´s design - a drinking cup made from mouth blown crystal glass- is based on the elementary human gestures of cupping both hands to scoop up water and drink with bare hands. Handling Liquid Skin is a conscious deliberate ritual emphasizing the sensual aspect of drinking itself, be it wine or water.

Its form corresponds to an asymmetric oval with two indentations for the thumbs allowing it to be held in various positions.

LIQUID SKIN received several awards and was published internationally a number of times. It was accepted into the following museum collections:

Museum of Modern Art, New York (USA)
Corning Museum of Glass, New York (USA),
Victoria & Albert Museum, London (GB)
Neue Sammlung, Munich (DE)
Glass museum Frauenau (DE)
Museum Rheinbach (DE)
Museum for Applied Arts, Vienna (AT)