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CO / CO is cooking in company! Cooking is life, enjoyment, lifestyle and with the stone kitchen block CO / CO, all of this is possible!

The basic idea behind the design addresses the elementary necessities of cooking: water, fire and a large working surface.


The water is collected in a large basin - like a "grander". Grooves milled into the stone - the fluid management - allow liquids to flow off efficiently and elegantly.

The oven is the central fireplace and on a dark stone.

Work surfaces and social areas include water and fire. This enables a perfect workflow and guarantees usability from all sides.

Formally, the focus is on the stone with its aesthetic quality. We have chosen Calacata marble for the light variant. The kitchen is characterized by an asymmetrical structure, with one side connected to the floor by the large sink. All the necessary infrastructures are also housed there. The rest of the stone body is narrow and expansive, which gives the kitchen a sense of lightness. The storage space below is deliberately designed to be open to reinforce the lightness and clarity of the design.

Like a river pebble all edges are rounded and the surface of the work surface is polished smooth. The outside is sandblasted and matt to emphasize the authentic atmosphere and unusual feel.