More selected projects

The motif of the metal sculpture “Angel” by Waltrud Viehböck in the entrance area of ​​the 1980s mortuary leads into the interior.

Lucy.D designs the furniture and metal objects based on and inspired by the central textile wall design by the artist Beate Luger-Goyers and the archaic-looking wall cross made of baked clay by the artist Franz Josef Altenburg. The aim of the sensitive staging for this space of farewell is the centrally symmetrical arrangement of the objects, which are thus placed in relation to each other by LUCY.D.

With the coordination of the color tones red - starting from the cross -, the blue of the celestial sphere in the central wall design and the windows and the silver/grey of the candlesticks, the entire design and furnishings come together to form a calm, harmonious farewell room.


The plain carmine red bench made of glazed wooden panels stands in front of the blue windows from the Schlierbach glass workshops and forms a creative bracket. It defines the place for the mourners. Opposite is the panel-like red table for floral decorations, souvenirs or urns, which also forms the visual conclusion in front of the coffin. This was subtly redesigned with a concrete slab and gray loden covering.


Simplicity is also important in the design of the candlesticks. Lightness and material authenticity in the center. The holy water bowl and two 3-armed candelabra made of round stainless steel rods and discs flank the coffin. The Easter candlestick for the eternal light is positioned next to the terracotta cross opposite the entrance.

The two baroque oil paintings are hung on the entrance wall and are integrated into the entire staging by means of delicate stainless steel frames.