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Pearls is the first series of porcelain lamps of our new label NEU/ZEUG. In cooperation with  Beate Seckauers porcelain manufactory "Neuzeughammer" we started with this new project, to build a bridge between design an traditional craftmanship and to create new products from this symbiosis. In doing so, we attach particular importance to high-quality craftsmanship, individuality, regionality and tradition.
Lucy.D designs und Neuzeughammer manufactures.
In our opinion, products that come from a manufactory have a soul, they carry a story and are unique in many ways!
More info about NEU/ZEUG here.

The lamp collection Pearls virtuously plays with shapes and colors. We designed five elements in pearl shape which can be combined in countless color variations using the Neu/Zeug color palette consisting of eleven colors.
Create various small sculptures by threading the colored elements beads in order to light up the room.
Pearls consists of four differently sized hanging lamps (sizes Mini, Small, Medium and Large) and three different chandeliers (sizes Small, Medium and Large). Each of them is available in four different color combinations. In addition to porcelain as a sustainable raw material, the colors constitute a very important collection element.
We re-discovered the original color pigments of the classic Lilienporzellan chinaware “Daisy“ which were stored already for some time at the manufactory. We continued to develop the color pigments and thereby created our harmonic Neu/Zeug color palette, using this color selection to glaze the individual Pearl elements in a matt or glossy finish.
The Pearls collection merges tradition and innovation. It shows that it is possible to combine New with Old in a vivid and at the same time clever way.