More selected projects


The S-HOF design concept offers a new living space on Sierning's town square. Inspired by Italian piazzas, the surrounding landscape and the geographical location in the foothills of the Alps and on the Eisenstrasse. The facade of the Renaissance castle forms the backdrop for the atmospheric design of this central public space. Improvement of the acoustics, greening of the square and residence for various types of use are the starting point of the development. 


A 13 meter long SEAT SCULPTURE, consisting of seven individual elements, takes up the space in the diagonal of the square. It consists of two opposing slopes, separated by a center console, inviting people to use it in a variety of ways: sitting, lounging, walking, gossiping - alone or in company. If activities are planned at the site, the elements can be rearranged to allow for a new look and use.


GREEN VITALIZES - This becomes visible in the greenery of the nine meter high columns - they redefine the space under the roof, both visually and acoustically. Spread across the square are five fruit trees, reminiscent of a meadow orchard, in mobile troughs. One can also sit on it in the shade of the tree and is to be understood as an incentive for the "healthy community".



Public spaces live from fine ACOUSTICS - specially equipped acoustic textile sails, which also offer sun protection, are fitted below the glass roof in a chessboard pattern and design the glass roof in a reduced way.