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The city square LEO is a new market concept, which was developed especially for the area around the Leopoldibrunnen at the Steyrer Stadtplatz. The city square LEO will be the central meeting place in the city. The city square LEO is clearly divided into shopping, consuming and staying - even without compulsory consumption. Benches, bar tables, sales bins and the like are kept in a uniform and simple design, which contributes to the recognition of the market. They are also easy to assemble and disassemble. Mobile screens to the road give the market a clear face. Providers using the new sales panel modules are grouped under large screens that protect against rain and sun.

The cornerstones of the market system:
The market is modular The furniture is easy to assemble and disassemble
The furniture is adaptable for a wide variety of exhibitors
The market is clearly structured
The overall appearance is fresh, contemporary and has a high recognition value
The market is for shopping, for strolling and for dining
The concept is transferable to other markets in the region

The city square LEO is in a cooperation of Lucy.D Design, Hertl. Architects, Atteneder graphic design, project + process emerged. The design is based on the results of a Design Thinking workshop series by NOI (Nature of Innovation).