4. April 2017

SaloneSatellite | 20 years of creativity  Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano (I)

04th to 25th April 2017

SaloneSatellite has always been a great platform for young design talents all over the world. This year, it is celebrating its 20th anniversary and the event is dedicated to the question "DESIGN is ...?“ At the same time there will be a big exhibition "SALONESATELLITE. 20 Years of New Creativity " shown in April at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. We are proud to present our projects "TÈO", "RYKER" and "LIQUID SKIN“ once more at the SaloneSatellite.

Mehr Info unter> www.salonemilano.it

28. February 2017


© Photo: Ars Electronica / Martin Hieslmair

9 February to 12 March 2017

"TRIO" is exhibited at the ARS ELECTRONICA Center in Linz!
Trio is a stool that was inspired by contemporary, architectural structures. It consists of three identical pieces, whose fabrication is optimized to balance manual and machinic labour. As the code is fully parametric, every chair can be very efficiently individualized. As an experimental piece, the stool aims to evaluate and demonstrate our considerations in regards to materials, dimensions, proportions, and tectonics. The result is a beautiful furniture object, whose efficient fabrication is only possible through the use of a robotic arm.

For more information go to> www.aec.at

6. October 2016

AM ENDE: ARCHITEKTUR | Time travels 1959 to 2019 Center for Architecture Vienna (AT)

6 October 2016 to 20 March 2017
Opening: 5 October 2016, 7pm

Robotics found their way into architecture and creative industry. Robotic arms were developed as universal machines similar to the human hand, equipped with an array of tools. A change of tools transforms a milling robot within minutes into a 3D printer, a CNC drilling machine or a completely new yet unknown machine.

The research project “Robotic Woodcraft“ a cooperation between the University of Applied Arts, Vienna and the Association for Robots in Architecture and the design studio Lucy.D. research innovative practices in the woodworking industries. For this project, e.g., a monitor blind Monitorblende mounted on a robot is created. Such an object could not be produced at a reasonable cost with standard industry tools. The robotic installation interacts with the visitors and shows a curated selection of videos. The projects shown illustrate the way in which the use of robots can create novel approaches in architecture and design.

For more information go to> www.azw.at

3. October 2016


3rd October to 15 January 2016
Opening cocktail on 3rd October 2016, 7 pm

Within the framework of the 10th VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2016 10 designers contrast their contemporary creations with the historic objects at Hofmobiliendepot. The exhibition is a joyous comparison of old with new and of tradition with vision, all set up by Walking Chair design studio.

For the first time we show pieces of our Working in New Ways WorkWiesner Hager new collection. The m.zone Canapé is an “island” for informal meetings in everyday business life contrasted with the imperial work life and work environment of empress Sissi. We want to break with old classic habits and ideals and show new, revolutionary visions of work life with this installation.

For more information go to > www.viennadesignweek.at

16. September 2016


16 September to 2nd October 2016

The »Austrian Design Update« exhibition in Tallinn offers an overview of the international contemporary and also the current product design scene tendencies. lso new contemporary Austrian design sector products are presented in addition to the award winning projects of the past years. The exhibition opens on September 17th 2016 and will be shown until the end of September in Taillin.

The exhibition will also be shown within the framework of the “Skopje Design Week” from 23rd to 27 November.

For more information > www.designaustria.at

28. August 2016


We are developing a new series of furniture for the open office, consisting of diverse working tables, sofa elements, paravents and displays.
It’s a concept of modular furniture which offers new possibilities to regulate distance and intimacy, private working and environmental influences in a very intuitive way.
This new furniture for the future office will be shown at theOrgatec in octobre 2016 for the first time.

For more info go to > www.orgatec.de