6. October 2016

AM ENDE: ARCHITEKTUR | Time travels 1959 to 2019 Center for Architecture Vienna (AT)

6 October 2016 to 20 March 2017
Opening: 5 October 2016, 7pm

Robotics found their way into architecture and creative industry. Robotic arms were developed as universal machines similar to the human hand, equipped with an array of tools. A change of tools transforms a milling robot within minutes into a 3D printer, a CNC drilling machine or a completely new yet unknown machine.

The research project “Robotic Woodcraft“ a cooperation between the University of Applied Arts, Vienna and the Association for Robots in Architecture and the design studio Lucy.D. research innovative practices in the woodworking industries. For this project, e.g., a monitor blind Monitorblende mounted on a robot is created. Such an object could not be produced at a reasonable cost with standard industry tools. The robotic installation interacts with the visitors and shows a curated selection of videos. The projects shown illustrate the way in which the use of robots can create novel approaches in architecture and design.

For more information go to> www.azw.at

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